Why PRK Is augmented Than LASEK or Epi-LASIK

Besides LASIK, three extra laser eye proceedings are nearby to correct patients’ refractive errors and help them look clearly: PRK, LASEK and Epi-LASIK. even though similar, each treatment has unique characteristics that create it more or less attractive or seize for specific candidates. Recently, PRK has seen a remarkable buildup in popularity, despite the longer recovery period united subsequent to this procedure. If you are behind refractive eye surgery and have been pondering which procedure is best for you, admission upon to learn why PRK is enlarged than LASIK, LASEK or Epi-LASIK.


No Incision in the Cornea


Unlike the supplementary three forms of laser eye surgery, PRK does not require any type of incision in the cornea. PRK does not require the cutting of a corneal flap (as in LASIK) or an epithelial flap (as in LASEK and Epi-LASIK). Instead, during PRK the laser moving picture is applied directly to the surface of the eye. This right to use completely eliminates any flap-related complications. Thus, even if the recovery might recognize slightly longer for PRK than the further forms of laser eye surgery, PRK patients have a demean risk of double vision, blurry vision and nighttime halos later than surgery.


No Use of Alcohol Solution


Many patients think of LASEK as a safer, less invasive eye surgery procedure. This is because by yourself a little flap is created in the outermost accrual of the eye’s cells (the epithelium). However, during LASEK the surgeon has to apply an alcohol answer to remove the flap. During PRK, no alcohol answer is applied to the eye, and the sore eye tissues are spared aeration to coarse chemicals.


Better Nighttime Vision


Because PRK does not require the commencement of a flap or application of an alcohol solution, the results of PRK tend to be more predictable and stable. In particular, patients who undergo PRK tend to enjoy bigger nighttime vision. Unlike many LASIK patients, PRK patients generally get not experience halos regarding fresh sources at nighttime, and they in addition to realize not struggle from nighttime double vision or blurriness.


Appropriate for More Patients


Because the laser animatronics is applied directly to the eye’s surface during the procedure, PRK is take over for many patients past thinner corneas. Many of these patients accomplish not qualify for LASIK, a procedure that requires that the cornea be thick ample to hold the corneal flap. while Epi-LASIK and LASEK require significantly thinner flaps, some patients have corneas that are inappropriate even for these procedures. For these patients, PRK might be the on your own available laser eye surgery procedure.


Longer Safety and triumph Record


Of every of the well-liked laser eye surgery procedures, PRK has been in relation to the longest. As a result, this procedure has been studied the most, and its assist and risks are well understood by refractive surgeons. In fact, the low complication rate and excellent results create PRK comparable to cataract surgery, one of the most commonly performed surgical measures in the joined States.