Bangkok Taxis Rental Cars


Getting a cheap, legit cab at the landing field is not difficult, but it does require a little knowledge and attention if you want to avoid the ubiquitous scams that the Western farang drop prey to every daylight upon their start into Bangkok. Weary-eyed, exhausted travelers who are not up to date subsequent to the local customs are the ideal targets for unethical “touts” to recognize the advantage of. These “touts” are well-aware of how reasonable Thailand can be compared to most countries and know that tourists are an easy mark for convincing that the price they’re paying is a bargain. Unless you’re in a metered taxi, you will be paying more than necessary, and even if that’s not a major issue, you should plan out a metered cab for your own safety and peace of mind.


When you first reach in Bangkok taxi and exit customs, you may be approached by men and women right and left asking if you compulsion a taxi, and even though you may feel behind you’re mammal impolite by saw “no” to them over and over, just know that these people are not looking to help you but more likely to support themselves. Recently these touts have been “cracked down on” by the airdrome authority, and moved away from the Arrivals area – it’s unidentified how long this “crackdown” will last. Just remember you don’t dependence ANYONE to back you acquire a taxi, anyone irritating to back up is best ignored – politely.


You’ll be upon level 2 later than exiting customs, for that reason NOW HEAD all along ONE FLOOR to LEVEL ONE, as announced here the alter takes the area from October 1, 2009 – after that saunter outdoor to the cab desk (kerbside).

There may be decent (don’t worry, it moves quickly) and a sign that leads to a table past a person waiting to help. tell him or her your destination, they will pay for you a small piece of paper gone your destination written upon it.

Take the paper to the origin of drivers and hand it over. It will be exchanged for choice fall of paper once every the specific details, of YOUR cab and a description of the 50 airports move forward (which you will ensue upon to the fare at journey’s end).The driver may question to check the paper to insist (in his own mind) your destination. take action him but don’t hand it over.


KEEP this fall of paper, indeed of any difficulties when property left in the taxi, or any extra issue that may arise… It identifies the specific cab and driver.

Taxis arrive in every color.

Once your bags are loaded in the car, create certain the meter starts upon THB35 (if not, an easy gesture as soon as pointing to the meter will do), and you’ll be upon your way. in addition to creating sure that if you have to reduce to the meter to acquire it started, it doesn’t acquire set to a tall “flat rate” mode considering a completely higher than an inflated amount. Just lessening to the meter and tell TICK, TICK, TICK, TICK. If not acquire out. A cab into town from the landing field should be regarding 170 to 300 Baht previously tolls. Not 750 taking into account some try to get.


In the unlikely concern that the driver wants to start negotiating a flat fare, point to the meter, and tell meter, please.

If he insists, acquire out of the cab and acquire substitute one.

Taxis in Bangkok are cheap, they mostly run on natural gas. They are protester cars with Toyota Coronas (or similar).  The taxis manage upon meters and you should always question for them to viewpoint upon the meter.  They exploit by yourself in Thai Baht  (local currency) and you will find them easy to use and an augmented (cooler-air conditioned) mode of transport compared to a tuk-tuk.  Unlike tuk-tuks, where you must always negotiate the fare back you acquire in.